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VIP Package


Welcome to the VIP 12 Month Total Care Package.

This package is a complete and comprehensive support mechanism for 12 months.

Whether you have aesthetic goals, autoimmune disease, poor posture, fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, hormonal dysfunction or just simply want to feel and look great then this package is for you.

Claud has worked with numerous VIP's, celebrities and athletes and has had great success.

The key to implementing a full bill of health is to lay down the foundational principles  progressively.

As we age we are bombarded with many environmental, emotional and physical stressors that can deplete out systems unless supported with the nutrients and lifestyle factors. Each and every person has different biochemistry, postures, muscle density and energy levels. It becomes a guessing game for many which can lead to further dysfunction and frustration.

Exercise, Hormones, Lifestyle and Nutrition all crossover and each is as important as the other. If one fails or doesn't meet the biochemical needs of the person then goal achieving or recovering from injury slows dramatically. Optimal health will not be met.


The Annual Total Care package looks into all systems of the body and is the perfect MOT to get an innate understanding of how your body functions, and what you can do to create the ultimate machine to sustain a healthy and vibrant life.    

Annual Total Care Package:

Initial Consultation: Comprises of a Video call with postural, gait and specific movement pattern assessment.


THYROID ADVANCED PROFILE - TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Total T4, Anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies, Anti-Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (Blood finger prick)

COMPREHENSIVE HORMONE PROFILE - Cortisol & Cortisone patterns, DHEA(S), Testosterone, Estrogens, Progesterone metabolites, Liver function, Melatonin & Organic Acids (Urine)

GIT MARKERS - Gluten sensitivity & inflammation, Bacterial, Yeasts & Parasite pathogens + H Pylori, Worms (Stool test)

190 FOOD SENSITIVITIES TEST - Common dairy foods, vegetables, Grains, Beans & Peas, Fruits, Seafoods, Nuts & Seeds, Meat & Fowl, Herbs & Spices, Miscellaneous (Dried Blood Spot) 

INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY ANALYSIS - Checks for absorption capacity, permeability, intestinal damage, Lactose & Sugar intolerance (Sugary drink)

Follow up: Results & Recommendations 

Bespoke Exercise protocol: Periodisation, Stretch & Exercise programs

Bespoke Nutritional protocol: Based upon Lab results, current lifestyle, symptoms & methylation capacity

Support: 3-5 60 minute weekly video calls

Plus: Email / WhatsApp / Text support

All programs will change every 4 weeks to ensure progression & physiological advancement plus retest in 6 months 



If you have any questions for your bespoke needs or would like to book please contact me

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