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Clients are referred to Claud Serjeant from Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Orthopaedic surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Personal Trainers.

Claud has a global client base and has travelled to New York, Switzerland, India, Paris and Baku treating VIPs with physical pain and dysfunction and creating bespoke health programs. He also works closely with clients online.

He treats clients with spinal, knees, hips, shoulders and neck pain. His clients are often in pain from poor exercise selection, postural degradation, injury or surgery. Other clients see him for a bespoke health program whether it is sport specific or to improve function or aesthetics. An initial consultation provides a comprehensive Bio-mechanical Assessment that establishes restricted joint motion, dysfunctional movement and the causality of pain. Through a series of key tests, and functional diagnostic tests where appropriate, Claud is able to find the aetiology of the problem.  He is very successful at treating clients that have been failed by conventional medical methods.


Whether the client is an athlete, labourer, business man or mother, everyone needs to function at a level of normality. Chronic or acute muscular strains, fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, cartilage and ligamentous degeneration, inflammatory processes and general injuries can be influenced by poor motion patterns, injury and posture.

An example of some conditions Claud works with: 
Spinal pathologies (Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis) Scoliosis, disc bulges, disc herniations) nerve root compression, impingement syndrome TMJ, SIJ dysfunction, head aches, migraines, shoulder pathology, hip pathology, foot and ankle pain.

After the initial consultation which comprises of Orthopaedic & Neurological assessment, history taking and functional diagnostic testing, Claud's treatment plans consist of the following:

Bespoke stretching and exercise protocols

M.A.T and K.T Therapy (where appropriate)

Nutritional plans and supplementation

Success Stories

Cervical Torticollis (Before & After)

This 10 year old boy woke up with neck pain and was unable to rotate his head without restriction and pain.  It had a ripple effect throughout his body and created loading distortions. After 30 minutes of treatment the pain had gone and he was standing with normal posture. 

Decreased upper spine mobility & pain (Before & After)

 A well known Circus Performer had lower neck and upper spine pain and limited mobility in the mid spine. After therapy he had better range and no pain.

Lumbar Scoliosis (Before & After)

This client came to see Claud with chronic lower back pain. After assessing him and treating areas including his feet he responded well to therapy. His alignment and endurance improved dramatically.

Thoracic-lumbar Scoliosis (Before & After)
This lady suffers scoliotic pain in the lower back. Corrective exercises and M.A.T corrected her faulty alignment patterns and decreased her pain.

Asymmetrical feet creating lower spinal asymmetries (Before & After)
This client suffered chronic lower back pain for years. His assessment results showed mechanical problems at his feet. His feet and other areas were treated including correct movement.

Postural asymmetries and poor loading (Before & After)
This lady had pain and dysfunction in multiple areas of her body. She was given bespoke asymmetrical stretches and exercise protocols to correct the postural faults.

3 Month Protocol (Before & After)
This client had 3 months prior to travelling to get in shape. He wanted to get lean and muscular for a summer vacation.

3 Month Protocol (Before & After)
This lady followed the 12 week program and trained through the 3 phases of training. She wanted a lean torso and stronger thighs.

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