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Claud Serjeant

"For people who want to achieve excellence. For my patients who have difficult problems, who are prepared to invest in their care, Claud Serjeant is a practitioner they should consider. Claud is someone who I frequently refer patients to and is one you can trust to do his best for my patients."


Mr Colin Natali MBBS, BSc(Hons), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Orth)

Head of Department - Spine. Consultant Spine Surgeon at The Fortius Clinic London & The Princess Grace Hospital London

I want to thank you for your professional and holistic approach to helping me restore some alignment and stability following spinal injury and subsequent spinal surgery. I was feeling fairly despondent but the therapy you provided and the tailored exercise programme have helped me feel more positive about the future , enabled me to feel a sense of control and relieved some of the more painful symptoms. As an experienced physiotherapist myself, I found your assessment and analysis the best I have encountered. 

Your drive and dedication to constantly maintaining your knowledge and evidence base is to be commended. 

I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering pain and loss of function as I had. 

 Clinical Manager, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

MSc Rehabilitation Sciences

Neuro Rehabilitation

Claud Serjeant represented Hong Kong in international tennis from 87-91. He travelled the Far East and Europe. His then coach, is now Novak Djokovic’s fitness coach. From a young age Claud was always interested in muscles and movement. He started his journey in the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry in 1999.

He has studied with the best Physical Therapists, Nutritionists and Holistic Health practitioners in the world, as well as extending his knowledge in rehabilitation, movement, soft tissue work and holistic health. Alongside rehabilitation, education and consultancy, Claud offers functional diagnostic testing to maximise his clients' potential for health and wellbeing. 


For 23 years he has worked with numerous clients with physical pain, spinal degeneration, internal organ problems, restricted joint movement, post operative, neurological disorders, sport specific training, weight loss, strength and conditioning and postural asymmetries. 

Claud has presented on health and rehabilitation worldwide including presenting at 'The 2018 Stem Cell Educational Conference' in Chennai India and 'The 2019 Trans European Stem Cell Therapy Society' at The Schoen Clinic, London. He has presented along side professors, scientists, medical doctors and surgeons from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, London and Slovenia. 

Claud has also lectured with other health professionals including, presenting with CHEK Faculty, Osteopath and Naturopath on Barefoot mechanics & Loading parameters. He has also been commissioned by Middle Eastern companies in Kuwait and Jeddah to present to health professionals and the general public about holistic health principles.

Claud is part of the Trans European Stem Cell Therapy society (TESCT), heads the Rehabilitation & Movement Therapy Program at The Swiss Clinic in Berne and is the CEO of 360 Health Consultancy. 


Claud provides diagnostics that encase the whole body. Many assessments today do not provide the whole body information needed by the therapist and therefore the client goes from therapist to therapist seeking help. Claud has successfully treated clients that have exhausted the allopathic route without any success (see testimonials).

He has treated clients in London, New York, Paris, Mumbai, Switzerland and Baku.

He has set up the Claud Serjeant Rehabilitation & Movement Academy educating Personal Trainers, Pilates Teachers, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists and anyone interested in health.

Claud strongly believes in being a true example of optimum health and trains regularly at the gym, eats organically and lives an active life with his wife and two children.  


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