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Stem Cells & Age Reversal

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As a human race we are all working hard to stay young, healthy and mobile without internal or physical pathology. In a hectic fast paced world where illness, disease, cancers and viruses threaten the balance we must look towards increased measures to improve human health and functionality.


Stem Cells are the key to rejuvenation and enhanced healing. 

As we age certain bodily functions slow down naturally. This can include digestion, elimination, skin tone and elasticity, posture and energy. When following an individualised nutritional and exercise program stem cells can support the ageing process. 


Stem cells are cells in the body that have the ability to assess injured areas and efficiently decrease the inflammatory cells. Inflammation and discomfort can alter postures, slow down digestion and energy and increase stress hormones. When this happens the ageing process is hastened and degeneration occurs. 


Stem cells or cell renewal in conjunction with bespoke health is the ultimate way to stay young and disease free.

What we do is ask the client to complete specific comprehensive hormonal and orthopaedic tests to have a starting base. Bespoke protocols are then put into place prior to stem cell treatment to ensure long lasting affects post treatment. Client support pre and post is vital for success of the treatment.

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