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Claud has travelled worldwide to international destinations including, New York, Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Mumbai, Baku and Hong Kong. He has an extensive list of elite clientele that includes both royalty, celebrity and well known athletes. Claud prides himself on maintaining relationships that are built on trust and discretion. Having the very best therapy or exercise prescription is vital for optimal health and Claud uses his knowledge and ability to bring out the very best in each client. Whatever your goals, Claud can help you achieve them by addressing your personal needs, whether it is through regaining functionality, rehabilitation, strength, aesthetics or weight loss. 
















- Detailed Orthopaedic Assessment

- Key neurological tests 

- Key movement assessments to establish fundamental weaknesses in the body during basic loading parameters

- Circadian health protocols

- Nutritional & Lifestyle development 



- Bespoke exercises created from the initial consultation to facilitate and enhance health whatever the goal

- Scientific exercise programs 

- Corrective exercise programs

- Scientific stretch programs

- Supplementation to enhance health, vitality and repair systems 

- Deep tissue corrective therapy

- Kinesiotherapy Taping for injury, unstable joints and asymmetrical postures

- Nutritional tweaks & supplementation

- Take home Exercise and Stretch protocols



Worldwide Elite Training & Therapy

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'Claud is the best therapist I have worked with'

Valentino Garavani 

Fashion Designer - New York & Paris 

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