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"For people who want to achieve excellence. For my patients who have difficult problems, who are prepared to invest in their care, Claud Serjeant is a practitioner they should consider. Claud is someone who I frequently refer patients to and is one you can trust to do his best for my patients."

Colin Natali

Head of Department - Spine. Consultant Spine Surgeon at The Schoen Clinic London

"Claud is the best therapist I have worked with."

Valentino Garavani

International Fashion Designer

London, Paris, New York

"Claud has helped me through my physical concerns and devised a bespoke, structured exercise program that helped me re-create movement that facilitated cricket. He is a very knowledgable and great guy!"

Darren Sammy

Fast Bowler & captain of The West Indies Cricket Team

T20 World Cup winners 2012, 2016

"When I first met Claud I was having to use a walking stick. A combination of old rugby injury and ageing meant I was seriously considering surgery for the lower back disc problem I’ve had for years. Claud reassured me that there was an alternative to that providing I put in the effort under his guidance and with his encouragement.....

I have. No more stick, no reliance on pain killers. Rehabilitation and exercise rehab with Claud means I’m in better shape now than I’ve been in years. Hell, I even look forward to the sessions.Thanks Claud."

Roy Eldridge

Manager to Plan B, Liam Gallagher, Jess Glynne, Tom O’Dell 

UROK Management

The seminar was excellent!

There is so much bullsh*t out there and people need to know and understand the truth.

You connected everything together so well for all the material involved. 

A complete whole body summary.....from posture, nutrition, hormones and nervous system....blending it with the physical training and making it a key educational piece for trainers, Strength Coaches, Physio’s, Chiro’s..Osteo’s , MD’s...etc ......made me want to keep learning more..

Every Health Professional needs to integrate this approach for the patients and clients...You've "hit the nail on the head" with so many of your points in the seminar.

I look forward to material you have to present for the future. 

Would highly recommend this seminar to other professionals!

Kelly Cap

Owner at Trimov

BSc Physical Ed & Health Sciences

Minored in Sports Managment

F.A.F.S, LPGA, Manual therapist, Strength Coach

Andra Ivanov.JPG

"I went to see Claud hopeless. I was struggling with a sharp shoulder pain for many months, but over the last weeks, the pain was agonising. I couldn't put my arm up, sleep on my left shoulder or bare a simple touch. I tried medication and also other Physiotherapists but with no results. Their therapies were short and with little effect. When I entered Claud's office he listened to my problem carefully and took his notes. Secondly, I had to perform a few exercises so he could appreciate the level of pain and how serious my problem was. He immediately understood why it was so painful and I received a very accurate explanation (diagrams included). His massage and treatment made the pain to go down after the first session. I recovered completely after three sessions and now I can workout again. To improve movement and strengthen the shoulder I also asked for an exercise program that he delivered to the highest standard (pictures and in detail explanations). He is a fantastic professional and I couldn't be happier for leaving my problem in his hands. Thank you, Claud!"

Andra Ivanov

Gemologist Hatton Garden

"Claud Serjeant is like a body repair god in my eyes!! I have referred him numerous clients with great success and will continue to do so in the future"

Dalzette Zwiegelaar

Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Pilates Instructor & Deep Tissue / Remedial / Sports Masseuse

"I started the 12 week program with slight skepticism, having become a self proclaimed cardio addict, the idea of taking days off and workouts with very minimal cardio, was a concept that needed proving. 

After completing phase 1, I started to see visible changes, which I hadn't seen in my body in at least a year. 

By the time phase 3 came into play, people started noticing a new me. 

My relationship with my body and my knowledge of what it takes to make it work with me, has completely changed. I can't wait to continue with Claud's training and see how far I can push my body next. "

Dania Shams

Interior Designer London / Saudi Arabia

"I met Claud in 2003. Shortly after birth of my second child. 
The main goal at the time was post delivery rehabilitation and strength training as well as muscle definition and weight loss. 
Claud created a personalised program for me and we started to train on average of 3 times per week. 
The main benefit throughout was his undivided attention to my physical state, my wellbeing and the understanding of what a mother needs to be healthy. This was never a program that only looked at the vanity aspect of training. I was literally addicted to seeing Claud as his calm energy and caring approach was something movement therapists lacked. 
He created a program that I strictly followed and I was back to size 6 within 4 months but more importantly I never felt that we were abusing my body and torturing it as most personal trainers do.
I had been training with Claud ever since and watched him develop extraordinary skills and knowledge when it comes to the understanding of the human body and what truly is a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention all his achievements and qualifications. 
He has helped my daughters' rehabilitation post surgery due to a major injury to her leg. He has helped a number of my friends treat and cure stress related muscle and joint disorders as well as weight control issues. 
He is always attentive and never misses anything that one worries about. Claud always has a constructive solution and explanation to all physical issues. And it always works. He is a gem of a human being who sincerely cares for people and makes a world a better place. "

Gyunel Taylor

Ex-international Model


Mother of 3 children

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Claud for a few years now. As a keen and avid sportsperson having always been active since I was a child I hit a bump in the road which led to our introduction when I tore my hamstring whilst running. I followed all the protocols that one thinks one should follow with no avail until I was under his supervision, I started training with Claud a few years ago and continue to do so now. What I believe sets him apart from anyone else in the industry is his objectivity and his ability to engage with one and deliver a sense of clarity since he thoroughly understands the mechanics of the best instrument on Earth - The human body. He takes into account all aspects of one's lifestyle, their history and then starts to construct a roadmap if you will of next steps. Trust in any relationship is of paramount importance and this is something that Claud instills from the very beginning since he has a plethora of knowledge combined with a deep sense of sincerity in his objective to help people reach an 'optimum' sense of well-being. 

I work in the Financial industry and one of the facets that I cover is to advise my investors about where to invest. The other day I was asked by a client 'let me ask you this - what would you invest in right now if this was your Mother's money to manage, what is the safest option with the best return? ' If someone asked me the same question but regarding my mother's health I would say Claud. This is in fact what has happened and she too goes from strength to strength since he has taken her under his wing. 

In a World where we believe we have it all, a sincere blindness has taken over in those touting themselves  as leaders in the 'health industry' where quick fixes and visual changes over a short period of time are the way forward. This is clearly not how a rational thinking persons approach should be... it should be one of longevity of quality of life, to be free of illness and this is what I insure myself with and my Friends and Family since I have the pleasure of knowing Mr.Serjeant. "

Ghazaleh Youshani

Lucidus Capital Partners London / New York

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