Personal Training Integrating Science & Health

Personal Training Integrating Science & Health


This is a foundational course for all Personal Trainers. A digestable yet comprehensive seminar in which all PTs should have the basic understanding prior to creating exercise programs. 


If you are looking to improve your client's wellbeing, improve your own health, increase your reputation as a trainer or therapist, increase your revenue and connect with other health and medical practitioners then this downloadable seminar is for you. 


This Seminar was created by Claud Serjeant for Personal Trainers, Holistic Movement Therapists, Massage Therapists and anyone who is interested in real health! Claud believes the knowledge contained within this seminar should be the baseline in health education for all practitioners. The seminar covers 4 key points created by Claud that will add depth to the practioner's understanding of the body and health as a whole. 


This seminar is an opportunity to enhance your skills and reputation within the competitive health and fitness industry. 


After the seminar you will...


- Understand and be able to implement bespoke stretches and exercises for your client.

- Understand why your client has aches and pains in specific areas.

- Understand stressors that are affecting your client in more ways than one.

- Understand specific organic hormonal rhythms that if disrupted will slow down and even ruin your clients' progress and goals.

- Improve your clients health immediately by 80%

- Be able to tell your client about scientific research regarding true health.


"One body one chance"


  • Seminar Testimonials

    America - North Carolina

    The seminar was excellent!

    There is so much bullsh*t out there and people need to know and understand the truth.

    You connected everything together so well for all the material involved. 

    A complete whole body summary.....from posture, nutrition, hormones and nervous system....blending it with the physical training and making it a key educational piece for trainers, Strength Coaches, Physio’s, Chiro’s..Osteo’s , MD’s...etc ......made me want to keep learning more..

    Every Health Professional needs to integrate this approach for the patients and clients...You've "hit the nail on the head"