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Private VIP II

KB TP clean

Single leg PJK

SB lateral flexion & MB catch

SB between legs & lateral cable pull to external rotation

Horizontal cable pull & weight transfer

Horizontal horse stance & random pushes

SB between the legs & FP reaches

Bent over BB & DB reach

SB between the knees facing wood chop

TRX single arm pull & bottom up KB hold

Bosu single arm cable pull & DB reach at ankle height

Standing cobra with 45 degree arms

SB TP DB prone back extension

Circular reverse wood chop

SB between legs & across the body internal rotations

Prone hip drops

Anterior lunge & posterior DB drop

SB drop & reach

TP KB clean

Single leg SB pike

Anterior lunge & DB reach

4 point SB tva activation & arm extension hands on MB

SB DB crunch

The bug

DB hang cleans

Forefoot BB & TP posterior press

Single arm cable pull & 8kg KB curl

Seated DB SB posterior reach

Walking lunge & rotate

Forefoot squat & rotate

Kneeling TP posterior DB drops

Single arm TRX pull & DB push

KB swing curl

Standing SB DB postero-lateral reaches

Front partial & deep squat

Anterior to posterior lunge with MB arch

Lateral lunge & bottom up KB hold

SB between legs & single arm TP cable triceps extension

Single leg standing on Bosu & cable push

Integrated external shoulder rotation

TP plank

SB DB side flexion & multi-planar reaches

Forefoot sissi squat & posterior DB drop

Cable crossover

Single leg SB PJK

SB pike

Bosu & lower body SB twist

Scorpion press up

TRX upper body twists

Reverse pull up feet on SB

Plyometric lateral KB clean

KB snatch

KB swing pull & push

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