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Private VIP I

SB lateral flexion & MB Push

Single arm band, bouncing Squat

Standing TP BB

SB between legs & FP reaches

TRX push ups

Bosu kneeling hip extension & oblique KB clean

Partial squat curls

Standing on Bosu reverse wood chop

Bosu internal shoulder rotation

Olympic lunge

Bent over tricep kickbacks

Kneeling on SB wood chop

BB & cable front raise

Walking lunge & shoulder press

Squat with posterior DB reach

Split stance cable push to internal rotation

SB lateral flexion & overhead MB press

TRX lateral pull

KB lateral lunge & KB clean & TP press

Single arm KB SP & TP swing

4 point SB tva activation & arm extension

Single arm cable push & BB

Forefoot squat with KB hold

Kneel to hip extension with BB & DB posterior drop 

SB Supine upper body twist

TRX single arm pull & posterior DB drop

SB squat and DB knee reaches 

SB between legs & reverse wood chops

Single leg single arm cable pull

Bosu BB & cable cross over

KB oblique swing

Bosu external shoulder rotations

FP reaches & knee band adduction

SB kneeling DB curl & posterior drop

Kneeling plyo-press up

Machine facing wood chop

Overhead squat

Split stance cable pull & external rotation

Prone 45 arm reaches

Overhead cable lateral flexion with SB

PJK & press up

BB & SB DB clean

Seated SB & MB BB DB rotations

SB single arm cable pull & posterior DB drop

Seated SB & DB extension

Prone SB SP roll

Reverse KB clean

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