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Private VIP V

Bilateral alternate KB snatches

KB front squat to lateral TP lunges

FP SB glute medius lean & contralateral DB press

SB DB crunch feet fixed

Four point asymmetric raise

Walking TP KB swings

Single arm DB alternate plyometric lunge jumps

TRX single arm pull & reach

SB single arm lean & FP KB swing

SB pike to press up

Plyometric lunge jumps & TP high KB swings

Supine SB bilateral drop & recover with SB between the knees

Plyometric PJK to press up

TRX plank to triceps press

Single leg SB cable crossover


Standing Glute Medius

SB Pike

Lateral single leg load & transfer to external shoulder rotation bell up

Partial static squat to calf raise & FP BB

Alternate single arm SB lean

Plyometric TP wood chop

Walking Lunges & Twist

Standing hamstring curls


Sit up to vertical jump

FP cable chop with SB between thighs

FP SB push & contralateral bicep curl

Lateral floor lean & SB roll

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