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Private VIP IV

Walking lunge & single arm KB press

Single leg FP KB swing

Cable & DB external rotation pull

Wood chop to extension

FB SB DB lateral raise

TP over the shoulder Wood chop & lunge

Single arm row & wood chop

Plyometric lunge & FP cable chop

Cable bar pull & TP push

Posterior deltoid pull & split stance single arm cable push

FP DB overhead swings

Spot lunge jumps & MB twist

MB hip flexion & catch

Single leg lateral jump & MB chop & reverse chop

Single leg MB transfer

Plyometric TP DB row

Plyometric Squat Jumps with FP Cable & SB

SB Supine single leg hamstring curl

Lateral lunge to jump return

KB TP back pedal lunges jumps

SB Plyometric Press Up

SB arm extension & bent over row

Backward walking lunges with FP MB

Posteriolateral lunge jumps

Fast feet

FP SB push & contralateral leg swing

Alternating single leg SB PJK

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