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Private VIP III

Single arm Kettlebell-up overhead swing 

Lateral KB swing pull & push

Single leg DB press & transfer

Alternate arm KB swings

KB around the world

Anterior lunge & arm matrix

Single leg split tempo press up

BB squat & SP DB press

Single leg KB swing & transfer

Single arm DB overhead walking lunge

SB between legs & lateral KB clean & posterior ipsilateral swing

Static TRX hold & ipsilateral KB swing

Kneeling on SB DB external rotations

Single arm row to curl to press bell-up

SB single arm KB press bell-up


FP TRX pull & KB curl

SP TRX pull & KB swing 

SB bent over FP DB reaches

SB press up & hip matrix

DB bent over row to curl

Posterolateral lunge & KB clean & swing

SB between thighs & ipsilateral KB swing 

TRX single arm pull & contralateral reach

SB Kneeling with DB contralateral press

KB Clean

Forefoot squat & TP posterior DB reach

Kneeling on SB KB transfer

KB FP swing

TRX single leg press up

Walking lunge & posterior DB drop

TRX glute medius squats

TRX row feet on SB

KB side swings

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